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Molly Stillman has been blogging about life, style, and lifestyle whatnots for nearly a decade. She has a passion for purchasing with purpose and educating others on supporting ethical and fair trade brands. She is honored to have been featured in such publications as the North State Journal, US News & World Report, Lucky Magazine, and in 2015, was named as one of “The Carolina’s 75 Most Stylish People” by Carolina STYLE Magazine. She is a wife to John, mama to Lilly and Amos, dog mom to Tater and Audrey, a loud laugher, lover of Jesus, Diet Coke and all of the Chipotle burritos. You can find her on the internets at

Hear about Molly’s inspiration behind her blog, the reason she’s such a big supporter of sustainable brands, and the capacity in which she hopes to influence her readers below.

Name: Molly Stillman

Blog: Still Being Molly

Location: Durham, NC

Who is Molly? 

I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, and a friend. I love serving others, laughing and making others laugh (I have a background in comedy!)

At what point in your life did you realize you were born to blog? 

I don’t know that I would even say that I was born to blog; but I do feel more confident than ever [acknowledging] that I was born to create, born to serve, and born to help inspire others to walk in purpose. My blog is simply (one of) the platforms I do that through.

still being molly born to blog
Image Source: Molly Stillman

How did the idea for Still Being Molly come about?

I have been blogging for a decade and my blog has definitely changed, ebbed, and flowed over the years. In 2012, I re-branded to still being [Molly] for a few reasons. In 2012, I really found my groove in blogging and felt more confident in what I was doing. I became a [devoted] believer and chose to walk with the Lord in 2011; and while a lot in my life changed, including priorities and what I chose to lean into, there was a part of me that was still the same old goofy Molly. So, still being [Molly] is both an ode to the fact that I am still being myself even as I, my priorities, and my beliefs change. It’s also a fun play on my name—Molly Stillman!

What are the main topics of discussion for your blog?

I write about everything from fashion, style, and beauty, to recipes, motherhood, wifehood, and life in general. I am most passionate about [exposing] to my readers the brands and companies that are changing the world and making a positive impact.

In what way do you hope to influence your readers?

My mission is to produce a life and style blog that exists to inspire women to walk joyfully and confidently in purpose, to know that they were created with a purpose and for a purpose.

still being molly ethically made products
Image Source: Molly Stillman

You’re a big advocate of ethically, USA-made products. What led you to start spreading more awareness about this to your readers?  

The fact is, this isn’t something people really talk about all that often. It isn’t a popular topic among other bloggers. However, I think it is SO important for people to know where and how their stuff is made. Not just clothing, but EVERYTHING we buy is made by a real person with a real name. And more often than not, those people are not paid a fair wage or working in safe conditions. Many of them are being coerced, forced, and abused. [The saddest thing about it is that] children make up a great majority of that group. This is something I’ve become extremely passionate about over the past couple of years, [which is why] I want to shed light on this topic. I want people to be intentional with their purchases and know that when they make that purchase, they are casting a vote for the kind of world they want to live in. There are many amazing companies across the globe that are doing things ethically, so I want to highlight them and encourage people to support these companies.

On the other hand, I don’t want people to think I get this right all the time or that I’m elitist about it. I just want people to know that you can make an impact by making small changes here and there, and they do add up!

What’s your #1 word of advice for aspiring and new lifestyle bloggers?

Be yourself! Ignore what everyone else is doing and do what feels right to YOU. Sure, there are best practices, but don’t start out trying to be the next [insert big blogger here]. You are unique and can do more by just being yourself!

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