There’s No Need to Chase After Something That’s Already Yours

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Destiny is that something I’m referring to, but society is more likely to use the term dreams instead. And while destiny and dreams are kinda similar, the two aren’t completely interchangeable.

A person’s dreams can change like the weather. They can have dreams of becoming a doctor one day and a florist the next. But destiny? We can’t change OR control that (even though we may sometimes think we can). Oh, and newsflash: others don’t have the power to do so either. Destiny is God-given, and when God gives something to you, not a soul can take it away.

The act of chasing, to me, has always been a sign of desperation. When you’re desperate for something, you’re willing to do almost anything to get it. That’s often the case for people who chase their dreams, as you’ll find that they’re prone to stepping on the hands and toes of others to climb the ladder to success. The thing with destiny, however, is the fact that it doesn’t have to be chased. It would actually be a waste of time and energy, because you have to walk into your destiny for it to be fulfilled. In other words, it takes a special kind of patience to achieve this because it’s not something that can just happen overnight.

We all have a purpose on this earth, but there’s a journey we’ll all have to go through to complete our missions. Roadmaps weren’t given to us, so we won’t always know what to watch out for. We don’t even know how long our journeys will take. But you can’t let uncertainties stop you from moving forward. Know that you are destined for greatness. And when you’ve reached that point in your life when it’s time to walk into your destiny, you’ll know.

Johnaé Elease


Johnaé Elease is the founder of The Happy Joy. As someone whose personality is often described as bright & bubbly, her love for writing and sharing meaningful advice sparked the idea for this online community. Johnaé is also a humble servant of Christ who credits God, and her mother, as the primary reasons for her happiness.

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