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Bible Plans Finding Real Happiness

How do you like to start your day? Some like to take a morning walk, others enjoy their routine cup of coffee. The best way to start it off in my opinion, is through daily devotion with Christ. Bible plans are a great way to constantly change things up. YouVersion is a free Bible app — for IOS and Android — that features some amazing plans. The app may be downloaded on your phone, tablet, and/or computer. It’s ad-free and such a simple way to bring God’s Word into your daily life. I recommend that you get started with these plans.

1. Finding Real Happiness by John Piper 

Bible Plans Finding Real Happiness
Image Source: Desiring God

Looking for true happiness? This devotional plan is only three days long. Within those three days however, John Piper will give you a better understanding of true happiness, challenging readers to see beyond the acts of Jesus’ love and focusing on the goal of Jesus’ love.

2. Love Does: Experience a Life of Love in Action by Bob Goff

Bible Plans Love Does
Image Source: Bob Goff

For those of you on the pursuit of a fully engaged, whimsical life, this seven day reading plan — based on Bob Goff’s book, Love Does — will be the perfect reading plan for you. Goff shares his personal stories and experiences in this plan, focusing on the idea that love does.

3. Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Bible Plans Crazy Love
Image Source: Francis Chan

What is love, you might ask? Francis Chan summarizes his New York bestselling book, Crazy Love, in seven days, accurately exemplifying true love. Unlike the other reading plans, this particular one equips you with short videos — directly from Francis Chan — that challenge you to rethink about the true meaning of love and how the world teaches us about love.

4. Reading the Psalms by Timothy and Kathy Keller

Bible Plans Reading the Psalms
Image Source: Timothy and Kathy Keller

Hungry for wisdom and daily inspiration? The book of Psalms is known as the Bible’s songbook and is filled with wisdom and guidance. Jesus Himself, intimately knew the book of Psalms and relied on them in every situation, including His own death. During the 14 days of reading, Timothy Keller — a renowned pastor and New York Times bestselling author — offers daily inspiration and wisdom from the book of Psalms.

5. Habits of Happiness by Rick Warren

Bible Plans Habits of Happiness
Image Source: Rick Warren

Interested in making happiness a daily habit? Developing a habit takes at least 21 days. During this 33-day reading plan, you will spend each day developing the daily habits that will make you a joyful person through the book of Philippians. As you read and reflect through one of the greatest books in the Bible, there are also audio clips — directly from Rick Warren — attached to each session for further learning.

Karianne Chung

Karianne Chung is a servant of Christ, devoting every part of her life to Him. She has studied engineering, biblical studies, and art, and is currently focusing on becoming a product designer. Her life is catalyzed by curiosity, constantly seeking for new perspectives of the world she lives in. Her hope for you is that, even during treacherous trials, you will stay hungry for truthful answers, and be amazed by God's love and His perfect plan for you, and always remember that you are loved, accepted, and significant.

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