3 Ways to Avoid Career Burnout

Struggling with frequent headaches? Tired of constantly complaining about your job? Do you find yourself irritated with co-workers or clients?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be struggling with career burnout, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Most of us have been there at some point or another. We want to excel in our jobs, so we take on extra work, help others out, and say “yes” more than we probably should. But at what cost? Too often we sacrifice our health and happiness, eventually finding ourselves burning out. So here are three ways you can avoid it.


1. Listen to your body. Our bodies often give us powerful signs when something is out of alignment physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Twinges, uneasiness, and tension are all ways that your body indicate that something is not right. Do you get a tension headache everyday after your morning meeting? Ask yourself “why,” and try to identify two or three action steps you can take to alleviate unnecessary stress. Let your intuition speak to you and follow your body’s cues. They are a good indicator of when it’s time to either slow down, set boundaries, or make a change.


2. Write a personal mission statement. This is a great way to get connected with your “why” (as in why you got into your industry, why your job is part of a bigger dream, or why your employer or job is so great). Staying focus on your values and goals will shift your mindset to the positive and towards the bigger picture. The little irksome stuff leading to burnout will seem less significant when you have a personal mission statement.


3. Be your own cheerleader. Set reminders on your calendar throughout the day with self-empowerment statements, such as “be thankful for all you have,” “you are here to help others,” or, “you got this!” As an added bonus, the timing of these alerts combined with what’s happening at that very moment can lighten up the mood and sometimes be pretty humorous.


Remember that career burnout is often a sign of something bigger going on, so take the time to make yourself the number one priority.

Rachel Ritlop

Rachel is a career and business coach passionate about empowering millennials to make more money and find happiness in their work. Previously, Rachel worked as a mental health and vocational rehabilitation counselor in dual diagnosis treatment facilities. Rachel speaks to thousands of millennials each year about finding their purpose and passion in life and the workforce. Rachel is also the founder of www.TheConfusedMillennial.com, a lifestyle blog. To learn more about working with Rachel, visit www.rachelritlop.com

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